David Porcella's grandfather purchased the storefront on Monterey Street in 1898.

Porcella's Music Timeline

1898 - 1922: Charles Porcella (David's Grandfather) ran a General Store

1922 - 1946: The building was used as a bar and barber shop

1947 - 1986: George Porcella (David's Father) ran a department store, selling everything from musical instruments to clothes and household items.

1986 - Present: Porcella's Music

Today, David has put his own unique mark on the history of the store, focusing on his lifelong passion for music. David grew up playing the piano and organ, and still plays blues and jazz. In fact, if you ask nicely, he might play a little something for you on his Hammond B3 organ.

The inside of the store reflects the musical history of the Porcella family, with signed photos of jazz icons, and band equipment that belonged to Dave's father:

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